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De Lian and Benjamin had contact us 10 month before their wedding in Hotel Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai. We have some discuss about plan for their special day. We hope to make picture and video are awesome for them. They don’t have any ceremony in Chiang mai. Because they do in Singapore. Before their wedding in Chiang Mai. We had met De Lian and

De Lian and Ben, had their wedding in Singapore. This time they would like to shoot photo with their family and friend. We have plan for location for shoot in Hotel Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai. We start shooting photo from morning till noon. We have walk around hotel to shoot some photo. Hotel Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai is very nice plan for

De Lian and Ben are couple from Singapore. They have their wedding ceremony in Singapore. This time that go to Chiang mai, Thailand. To have their wedding party and dinner with his friend. Today is a 1st day. We goto shoot photo at rice field near Hotel Veranda High Resort Chiang Mai. And After this we go to welcome dinner Kad Mouh for their family