Burkill Hall Singapore Botanic Gardens, Oversea Wedding Ceremony and Reception Pui and Hafiz

This is my first time of shooting overseas wedding day in Singapore. This wedding at Burkill Hall – Singapore Botanic Gardens. It’s very large and old garden in Singapore. This is outdoor wedding with some greenery and tree in background. But they have indoor wedding reception after wedding ceremony. I’m very exciting an enjoy wedding very much. And I hope to back to Singapore to shooting wedding day mush time as I can

Overseas Wedding Malaysia Chinese Ceremony Eugine and Ginny at Kajang, Malaysia

This is my first time for overseas wedding in Malaysia. The wedding is same of Chinese Tradition in Hong Kong. If you follow me you will know. We had do overseas wedding in Hong Kong in middle of 2015.
I’m very exciting to join this wedding ceremony for Eugine and Ginny. The super cute and family couple. Friend of Eugine and Ginny are play in gate crashing. And They have tea ceremony in morning.
Enjoy Photo! I would like to go back to Malaysia to do some of overseas wedding again in future.